Summer Garden Update #4 : Baby Fruits

This post is primarily about baby fruits, of which there seem to be many on the deck!


This is a dark cherry varietal we bought as a seedling. But we’re more excited about the Roma plants we grew from seed — they’re also fruiting! I’m so proud of them.

Romas from seed!

We also have baby eggplants, and baby Italian peppers!

Egggss!!!!! EGGGGSSSS!!!

Baby Italian Pepper

And while this isn’t technically part of our garden, the pear tree two yards over is beginning to fruit. I have a feeling Paula will work up the gumption to ask them to pick the tree this year. We shall see. 😉

Baby pears, two yards over.

So here are two non-fruit pics. Our Black-eyed Susans and agastache are flourishing, and attracting a lot of bees: bumble, honey, sweat and unfamiliar. As well as wasps. To the point where sometimes I get a little scared on the deck. But it’s all love, baby. (Bee-by?)



Have a bee-you-tiful summer!


Wokka, wokka.