Celebrate Animals And Nature in Harmony At ANIMAL ROCK 2023!


Expand your understanding of the animal world at this year’s ANIMAL ROCK event. Open your mind and learn how animals teach us, how they heal us, how to connect deeply with your pets, and how humans can live in harmony with all creatures. ANIMAL ROCK is this Sunday, October 1, from 10am-4pm, under the dome at 94 Street and Shore Front Parkway.

From personal experience working with Jill Lauri, Founder of ANIMAL ROCK and my cat Lefty, I’ve come to understand that animals possess a unique power to heal and teach. Through their companionship and unconditional love, they offer solace during difficult moments throughout our lives. Animals soothe our emotional wounds with their calming presence. In the simplicity of their existence, they teach us the value of living in the present, cultivating mindfulness and gratitude.

Animals bridge the gap between humans and the natural world, reminding us of our interconnectedness with all life forms. Their non-verbal communication encourages us to sharpen our senses and empathy, enriching our relationships with both animals and fellow humans. With this, animals touch our hearts and souls. Learn more of this intimate attachment – attend ANIMAL ROCK! Speak with Jill directly and celebrate all life with your like-minded neighbors.

Here’s what to expect on Sunday:

  • Healing: Bring photos of your beloved, departed pets and share their stories to heal and to help others in mourning in our community.
  • Education: Information will be on-hand to answer your questions about adopting from shelters, fostering and ways to volunteer at Animal Care Centers.
  • Donate: ANIMAL ROCK will be collecting clean bedding (sheets, towels, blankets), unopened pet food, and new/slightly used pet toys and supplies. They will also accept cash donations and purchase additional items to donate to Animal Care Centers of NYC. Please consider contributing!
  • Action: One of the most critical issues related to animal welfare today is the introduction of the EATS Act (Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression Act). Learn about this urgent issue and take action at ANIMAL ROCK by calling on the spot, Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, Congressman Meeks, and Governor Hochul.
  • Activities: Animal Rock will lead Magical Animal Peace Walks for adults, children, and dogs on the Rockaway Labyrinth. Participate in “Love Strolls” for adults to send loving energy to animals in distress, Children can Labyrinth Gallop – through the eyes of the animal kingdom and trot with your canines to bring about bonding.

Learn more about Jill’s offerings and ANIMAL ROCK at healingwithanimals.com. Follow Healing With Animals on Instagram to stay connected to the animal world: @HealingWithAnimals 

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