Wild Bayberries – Jamaica Bay

As the name indicates, Bayberry grows around coastal areas such as bays and bogs.


Matt picked this for me a few days ago in Jamaica Bay. Who needs the florist? Just forage for a bouquet!

Below are other beautiful plants you can find around the Jamaica Bay area.



The leaves and dried fruit of the Bayberry plant are aromatic. It’s given Greek name Myrike means fragrance. If you crush the dried berry, a strong scent will release. Bayberry shrubs therefore are widely used in soaps, candles and oils but it has more purpose, such as insect repellent. It is used as an ingredient in beer and schnapps. The plant is traditionally a remedy for stomach aches, fever, bronchial issues and liver problems in America and Eastern Canada. And beavers love to eat Bayberries, so cute!

One day when I have leisure time (when this damn house is finished!) I’ll be crafting cool things such as bayberry candles and soap! But for now I am writing this so you know where to forage and make cool things like candles and soaps! If you do try it out, let me know, I’ll post an update!

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