Schönen Dank Gottscheer Hall!

[rating: 3.5]

Octoberfest was everything I hoped it would be.


The beer: Gottscheer Hall had a cool deal where you buy your first German beer for 6 bucks, then the refills (all night) where $4.50. The best part of this being you get to keep your authentic beer stein!

The Food

The food: Simple and tasty the food overall reminded me of an old-fashioned home cooked meal. Hypothetically, if I had a German grandmother and went to her house for Sunday dinner, I would expect something like what I ate at Gottscheer. I’m not sure if Germans do the whole Sunday dinner thing, but you get what I mean. l love home cookin’ so this was perfect.

A bunch of us ordered Bratwurst and/or Krainerwurst with sauerkraut, potato salad and potato pancakes. The highlights included the sauerkraut, which I’m sure was cooking for hours in the drippings of the sausages (delicious); The potato salad which was a light non-mayo variety sprinkled with dill for additional flavor ( it also made a nice presentation) and I must note the potato pancakes. They were very fried and heavy as you would expect – I would say just average. They came with a side of cinnamon sprinkled apple sauce which of course I threw on top. With the addition of the apple sauce it became something special – a totally unexpected touch – and I liked it.

Give Gottscheer Hall a try yourself!