Meet… Pickle

Welp, I’ve done it again. From the same location I found Fiver, I met Pickle.

Pickle the Cat I’m almost positive that Fiver and Pickle are related – that’s why I had to take her in. I met Pickle three days before we were moving to Rockaway, so things are more complicated this go around. Until we’re settled in, Uncle Al is watching Pickle at the studio in Ridgewood. He’s doing a great job socializing Pickle. In a month or so, we’ll start the Fiver/Pickle introduction process. I know in my heart that Fiver and his little sister will be life long friends.

Also… the facts are in our favor.  Fiver and Pickle, being of a different age and sex, should get along just fine.

It is best to introduce a cat that is different in age and sex to the resident cat. Fighting usually occurs between cats of the same sex and age, especially between toms. While cats of the opposite sex get along best, they should be spayed and neutered. Read More.

Pickle the Cat