Italian Creole Fusion… Fantastic!

[rating: 5]

Aldolfo’s is an Italian Creole fusion restaurant located in the Marigny, New Orleans. I can’t take credit for discovering this gem. A good friend of mine who lived in New Orleans for a few years took my husband and I there on our first visit to Nawlins. When I returned this July, I knew I had to dine at Aldolfo’s again – IT’S JUST SO GOOD. Please note by know means is this restaurant a “healthy eating choice”.

Aldolfo’s is on the second floor with a bar (of course) on the first. The staircase is narrow and unsteady, Its dark and alluring – just like the city it calls home. The upstairs is snug and usually crowded. The kitchen is also small. Be prepared to wait a little longer than usual for your meal to be served. Please keep in mind, it’s well worth the wait. My party and I shared a bottle of white while we waited for our much anticipated dinner. I suggest white wine, a great combo with the ample fish selection on the menu.

We order. Our waiter was quirky and I liked that.. or maybe drunk? I was feeling adventures so I order escargot for an appetizer. It was fantastic! It tasted like stuffed mushrooms actually. Tons of garlic, extra virgin olive oil and all the delicious Italian spices you can image – a strong flavor to say the least. For my main course I selected Tilapia with Crab Meat in a Spinach Cream Sauce. The meal came with a salad. Not to crazy about iceberg lettuce, but it was nice to have some fresh greens. My meal arrives and I’m so excited… and VERY hungry. The cream sauce was more of a creole variety than Italian – Nice and spicy, thick and buttery. The fish was cooked to perfection. Every bite I savored, it was out of this world amazing – marvelous.

The Marigny, has a lot to offer – check it out. And don’t forget to dine at Aldolfo’s!