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winter vortex recipes (that will make you happier)


There’s food that you just start craving when the weather is vortexing. I turn to soup, hearty meats, red wine and a touch of whiskey here and there. Possible explanations for these cravings… We are less active and less social in the winter, which could increase anxiety and depression and lead to stress eating and overconsumption. (I’m guilty of all mentioned here) Comfort foods are generally sweet, fatty and calorie-dense, which may help temporarily improve mood and alleviate anxiety or stress. In other words, many people may be self-medicating with […]

old school remedies – salt for a sore throat


It’s winter and we may get sick – ugh. Here’s a tip we all forget about, and it’s a cheap alternative to all the drug store stuff. If I feel like I’m getting a sore throat, I immediately grab for the salt. As a kid, I remember my Mom making me gargle with warm water and salt when I complained of  a sore throat or ear pain. And like magic, it absolutely soothed my discomfort. My Grandma Pauline actually rinsed her mouth with warm salt water once a day. I remember her […]

3 cheese spinach artichoke dip

spinach artichoke dip

It’s a hit! I’ve been experimenting with dips the past few weeks, in particular a spinach-artichoke. This rendition includes an extra sharp provolone which gives it the “punch” I was looking for. I like using BelGioioso, it’s a quality cheese and it’s reasonably priced  (9 oz. for $6). If you have a food processor this recipe is a quickie (I’ve been obsessed with mine lately). The garlic, onion, tomato and artichokes can be chopped all at once! Add the mixture prepared in the food processor to the spinach, cheese, mayo and […]

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Memory-Filled Christmas Cookies


  The Christmas songs always start right after Thanksgiving. The car radio would remain on the station playing the festive songs, and as my girls were growing up they would get so excited because they knew what was just around the corner. The weeks up to Christmas were a constant reminder of that special day. We had our annual trip to visit Santa at Macy`s for photos. We would stop and look at the tree at Rockefeller Center, and stop in St. Patrick’s to light candles. Then we would walk […]

UPDATE: The mysterious sausage pie recipe

sausage pie recipe

UPDATE: My cousin Diane immediately recognized this recipe when I posted it to Facebook a few weeks ago. It’s Great Grandma Florence Capobianco’s “Pizza Chena”  – an Italian Easter dish. And my Aunt Rose Marie thinks it’s her handwriting! Diane, having made this many times shared with me her suggestions for perfecting the Capobianco Pizza Chena. Purchasing pizza dough is a huge timesaver, rather than all the work involved in making the dough from scratch. Diane always par bakes the pie shell. She explains that the bottoms are hard to cook because the filling is […]

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Dump Cake

Dump Cake

Ok the name doesn’t sound appetizing but I swear it’s really good! Maureen gave me this recipe, it’s fast and easy, you just “dump” everything into a 9×13 inch pan and bake. Now you understand the name… This is a great one for experimentation – blueberry could work well as a substitute for the cherry filling. For variety, I want to try different types of nuts – pecans, almonds, pignoli!  I would also love to add fresh fruit toppings. This can only get better and better! We do need a new name […]

embellish your life and your tuna salad

Tuna Salad

I always have a couple of cans of tuna lying around, and I end up using them when the fridge looks bare and I don’t have time to food shop.  I like to embellish everything in my life so why not my tuna salad? Add more than just mayo – try mixing in some peppers, onions, olives and thyme. Here’s the recipe, it takes only 10 minutes. Enjoy. Serves two 1 12oz. tuna can in water (dolphin safe!) 1/3 cup chopped black olives 1 large red pepper 1/3 small red […]

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finally, a food processor!


I treated myself and purchased this Cuisinart Elite Mini Prep Food Processor, (4-Cup) in dazzling red. Check it out… It came with a recipes booklet – all seemed tasty. Since my husband loves hummus, I decided to try that first. It’s a simple garlic blend. I had most of the ingredients in the house so I thought I should give it a whirl (I mean chop). I was happy with the result. “It tastes like real hummus” my husband said. The texture was smooth and totally pro but we both agreed […]

Easy 9 egg quiche

EGGS, EGGS, EGGS, we all love them!! This is a quick weeknight meal that’s easy and tasty. Why is quiche so delightful? Because you can mix up the ingredients based on your food preferences or better yet, use what you have lying around in the fridge (waste not, want not). The recipe below is a good combo to start off with. Ingredients: 9 medium eggs 1/3 cup half and half 1/3 cup romano cheese 1/2 cup mexican mix cheese, pre-shredded 4 slices salsalito turkey chopped (cold cut) 1/2 – small […]

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Baked Banana Peach Dessert

peach banana dessert

After all the summer indulgences, it’s time to slim down, and this dessert is perfect if you’re watching your waistline. I’m not sure how I came up with this idea but I guess it’s partly because Matt is obsessed with honey these days. Sometimes at night we’re just craving for sweets. This recipe does the trick! Ingredients: Serves 2 2 small bananas 2 small peaches Honey Cinnamon Walnuts (or your preference) Directions: Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees Chop the nuts in a food processor or by hand Cut the […]