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Dinner Parties and Chicken Cutlets

the perfect fry

Three days of prep for three hours of perfezione. I learned how to throw a party by watching and helping my mother. We go to extremes. We indulge… we’re Italian. Too much food is all part of it. You need abundance so people feel comfortable around the table. You can’t have “Look at me, look at you.” This phrase I’ve lived with my whole life. Grandpa Ralph coined it. Here’s the best way I can explain… There are a few morsels left on the table. No one wants to be […]

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Grandma Mary’s Tomato Herb Salad

Do brides these days still buy china? I remember when I told my mother I didn’t want china as a wedding gift. She was really annoyed. I explained that I wouldn’t use it often and when I did, I would be so worried I’d break or chip it. Instead without my knowledge my mother bought me a set of wine glasses, champagne glasses and serving plates, hand-painted in Italy with beautiful fish illustrations. Now that is totally me. And I’m happy she did it, because it is a special keepsake. […]

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Nothing Gold Can Stay

Since reading the article in The Wave two weeks ago about Annie McMahon, I’ve been thinking so much about my cousin Tommy, who also suffered from Cystic Fibrosis. In the beginning, everything seemed normal with my cousin growing up. My godparents never let on to all the troubles and pain they lived with. Tommy was my cool, older cousin, always messing around and being nutty. I remember the block parties in Brooklyn, on Herbert street where my great aunt lived. I’ll never forget the time I was running down the […]

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I’m That Weird Aunt

Teachable moment - 10 yr olds are too old for the park

Last weekend, my sister and two of her children came to visit for a family fun escape to Rockaway. Normally they visit in the summer, but between Covid-19 and the renovation work we’re doing at the house, the timing didn’t work out. In the summer, keeping a 9 and 10 year old occupied is easy breezy – you take them to the beach all day, get burgers and fries at Rippers, and in the evening you walk them up to Low Tide Bar and they dance until exhausted. Done. This […]

Olives, a Dilapidated Park and My 10 Year Wedding Anniversary

Last week my husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been a decade, and on top of that, we’ve known each other for 18 years. Gosh, we were just kids! It was my sophomore year in college at Pratt when my friend Susie suggested we go to Rockaway to see her friend’s band, A Hundred Thousand play at Patrick’s on Beach 113th. Matt was on drums. There’s a video of this night floating around somewhere, believe it or not! Fast forward to 2009. I […]

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Going Up The Country

Cooperstown NY

I went camping last weekend with my family near Cooperstown. Despite feeling like I might be missing a weekend of Rockaway fun, it was wonderful to be in the country air. There were a few notable happenings I’d like to report. Impossible Burger. On the ride there and the way back, my husband and I stopped for the Impossible Burger at Burger King. I’m kind of addicted.  It’s interesting that fast food places are now serving meat alternatives. It’s great. We’re still talking “fast food” and a processed product but […]

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Whata Week.

rockaway surf club

The week before last was non-stop. It started on Friday night. It was my friend Rob Bryn’s Birthday and the Surf Club opened just for his party. Headlining was the Ye Mighty Wave with special guests from Rob’s main band — Wild Yaks. Speaking of, they have a new album coming out on June 21st entitled Great Admirer! I’ve heard it and it’s amazing! Opening the show was Tiffany Lyons. Did you catch The Wave article about her a few weeks ago?  She sang a few songs and got everyone […]

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Did last week happen?


The day started as most of my Thursdays do. I hit the gym, got showered and headed to Long Island to visit my mother. She had a doctor’s appointment, then we were going to get lunch at our favorite diner. As we were leaving the medical complex, my mother and I noticed a car double parked in front of ours. Annoyed, mom said, “Look at this guy, we have to sit and wait now. I’m hungry!” We were both distracted by the inconvenience. Then, in a split second my mother […]

Keep Calm, It’s The Holiday Season

Lipper & Mann 1956 drunken elves

There’s a party every weekend. Friday and Saturday nights I’m trying to find a sparkly shirt or dress to wear. Preferably not the one I wore last week. I’ve eaten more cheese and antipasto than normal, not to mention cookies and chocolate, which I don’t even really like. I had my own “kick-off to Christmas” party the first week of December, which was a shining success. Balancing the parties, decorating and shopping with my increased seasonal workload is tough when you’re a freelancer working from home. Should I? A: Wrap […]

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Basil Behind the Ear


I’m outfront weeding the garden and a neighbor passes by, “Oh! You have something stuck in your hair, let me get it.” “Nope!” I quickly replied, placing my hand by my ear. “That’s supposed to be there, its basil!” Across the street at the Beach 91st St. Community Garden is where I gather my basil leaves*, and when doing so, think of my grandfather Ralph, who always in the summertime had a piece of basil behind his ear. I have this image in my mind like a still photograph, of […]

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