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Grandma Mary’s Artichoke “Pie”


Grandma Mary’s Artichoke Pie is actually quiche. I don’t know why we call it pie, we just do. I never thought twice about it until I asked my Grandmother about the recipe. Grandma Mary worked at the A&P on Jamaica Ave in Belrose for 23 years. By the time she retired, Grandma was making about $20 an hour which was a lot back then. We called her money bags!  She seemed to enjoy her work – she was known as a great bag-packer. She new about the sales first and that pleased […]

Birthday Reflections


I’m so thankful to have had 32 years of good health, happiness and God’s blessings. Every year on my birthday I can’t help but think of the people I love most, as I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my family and friends. This year, I’m especially thinking of how grateful I am for my two extraordinary big sisters. I look up  to them in so many ways and the bond we have will only grow stronger as the three of us grow older. Thank you sisters for being the […]

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Memory-Filled Christmas Cookies


  The Christmas songs always start right after Thanksgiving. The car radio would remain on the station playing the festive songs, and as my girls were growing up they would get so excited because they knew what was just around the corner. The weeks up to Christmas were a constant reminder of that special day. We had our annual trip to visit Santa at Macy`s for photos. We would stop and look at the tree at Rockefeller Center, and stop in St. Patrick’s to light candles. Then we would walk […]

UPDATE: The mysterious sausage pie recipe

sausage pie recipe

UPDATE: My cousin Diane immediately recognized this recipe when I posted it to Facebook a few weeks ago. It’s Great Grandma Florence Capobianco’s “Pizza Chena”  – an Italian Easter dish. And my Aunt Rose Marie thinks it’s her handwriting! Diane, having made this many times shared with me her suggestions for perfecting the Capobianco Pizza Chena. Purchasing pizza dough is a huge timesaver, rather than all the work involved in making the dough from scratch. Diane always par bakes the pie shell. She explains that the bottoms are hard to cook because the filling is […]

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Cute cat pic of the week: Hans Klaus

Hans Klaus the Cat

‘Hans Klaus’, a German-like shortening of ‘Hands Claws’, because he’s a polydactyl! He has opposable thumbs.  When he gets affectionate, Hans Klaus will sometimes hold your finger, like you were holding hands. Adorable! Hans Klaus lives in Brooklyn with his caretakers, Tim and Ainslie of  Trace-on.   

these are a few of my favorite things

Guardian Roasting Pan

I have three favorite cooking pots. I use them often because they’re reliable and versatile. More importantly, these items have sentimental value and when I use them, I think of the people that used them before me and what those people have meant in my life. My sister Maria gave me this sturdy cast iron pan. I remember her shock when I told her I didn’t have one. She thoughtfully remembered and purchased this for me a few years back for Christmas. From quiche to cornbread, I use this pan for so many […]

Our Fig Tree Survived. So Did We.

Fig Recipe

It was at least a week after Sandy before I even gave our fig tree a thought. This was surprising, considering how much I loved my fig tree. But we were so busy being cold and cleaning out the basement that the backyard was not on our minds. But when we finally did check out my beloved fig tree, things didn’t look good. There was a grayness, probably from the salt water that seemed to cover the leaves. We had a particularly abundant crop the summer before and now it seemed […]

The fake flower gardens of Ridgewood queens

Fake Flower Garden, Ridgewood Queens

I remember my Grandma Pauline having a beautiful fake flower garden in her backyard in Bellerose, Queens. Here arrangements surrounded a statue of the Blessed Mother and around that was a large lot of white gravel. Sometimes my sisters and I would pick out the weeds between the gravel for fun and to surprise Grandma. She loved our efforts and rewarded us with sandwiches on white bread. Whenever I pass by a fake flower garden in my neighborhood, I always stop and think of Grams standing in her driveway, peeking at us playing […]

locally grown dandelion sauté

A few weeks ago, my husband and I headed to Highland Park. Noticing all the dandelions around us, we started talking about how Fran’s Father and my friend Jackie’s great grandmother would cook dandelions, foraging for them back in the day. Our nature-inspired conversation got us both thinking the same thing… lets collect dandelions and eat them!!  Seemed like a perfect activity after a long walk, and we were getting pretty hungry! We started foraging – mostly we found them on Cypress Ave by the New Union Field Cemetery. Cleaning city grown dandelions is not easy, we had […]

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Fridge Tales: Laura and Yessit

Laura's fridge

Laura and Yessit Location: Brooklyn Nationality: Euro trash This is the “you used to be so cute… I can’t possibly be mad at you anymore” side of our fridge. We posted pics of us as kids- ends about 90% of fights. Editor’s note: This is the forth of our series “Fridge Tales”. What resides on a person’s or family’s refrigerator is a window into their personality, culture and life. Learn more about the Tomato Gals by taking a peak inside our kitchens. What does your fridge look like? We’re interested in […]