Snow Day!

Why is it so much fun when it snows? I didn’t even mind shoveling the front of the house. Most people can work from home so that’s a good thing. It justifies day drinking (definitely a good thing) and it just feels like a special day. Everything slows down, it’s a break from the day to day frenzy.

After shoveling so my housemates*  don’t slip and fall and sue me,  I walked around and took  some photos.


My block facing the bay.


I took this one by  Borders and the blvd.


The police station is all cleared, easy walking here.


There are lots of first responder vehicles around. I guess they’re checking things out – making sure all is kosher.




Cool bike.


The beach is so beautiful right now, but actually a little scary. I couldn’t tell where the sand ended and the water began.


This is the second fish sacrifice I’ve seen at beach 90th, here’s the other. What’s the story with this? Well, makes for a good picture that’s for sure.


The boardwalk was quiet as of an hour ago. I may go outside again when the snow calms down. I’ll have to shovel again. Maybe I’ll add some more photos later on!

*I like using the word housemates instead of saying I’m a landlord because the word landlord always sounds mean and old. I’m I wrong? Oh and the whole “slip and fall and sue me” thing sounds funny that’s why I wrote it. My housemates are amazing.

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