B91 street tree update

juniper tree

Since November when I posted about Parks finally filling my request for a tree, our block received more additions! One Juniper was planted on the side of the Beach House condo and another was set in the tree pit in front of my neighbor to the left! Junipers are beautiful evergreens. They’re even more beautiful when left to grow wild.

On the side of the condo there is space for at least two more trees. Why didn’t they plant more?  I’m hoping the parks dept. utilizes this space in the spring.

juniper tree 1

The bark of the Juniper


We also planted (on our own) a Chokecherry. That story is here.


Yes, I know, it looks like a twig but just wait and see! Come spring, beautiful red foliage will start to grow.

So to recap, we now have in a row; a Juniper, a Chokecherry, a Regent and another Juniper! I can’t wait to see all in bloom this spring.


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