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I love this garden thug.


I first learned of sedum sarmentosum last year. It crept into my garden from my neighbor’s yard. It didn’t seem like a weed, so I looked it up and learned it’s a perennial flowering succulent that is used as a ground cover. It reaches six inches in height and tiny yellow flowers emerge in July, changing the color to a lime hue. It’s drought tolerant, can handle full sun, and will grow just about anywhere, from a crack in the sidewalk to a a bit of sand. Because it spreads […]

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locally grown dandelion sauté

A few weeks ago, my husband and I headed to Highland Park. Noticing all the dandelions around us, we started talking about how Fran’s Father and my friend Jackie’s great grandmother would cook dandelions, foraging for them back in the day. Our nature-inspired conversation got us both thinking the same thing… lets collect dandelions and eat them!!  Seemed like a perfect activity after a long walk, and we were getting pretty hungry! We started foraging – mostly we found them on Cypress Ave by the New Union Field Cemetery. Cleaning city grown dandelions is not easy, we had […]

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