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Modern Deviled Eggs

Eggs, for thousands of years and in many cultures are symbolic of birth and renewal. Deviled eggs* are commonly made as an appetizer (pickys!) on Easter Sunday for this reason. My family follows this custom every year. My mother has always used a traditional mix of mustard, mayo and egg yolks for her deviled eggs. She garnishes with a sliced black olive and paprika “for color”, as Flo always says. But there are many contemporary variations – you can use combinations of garlic, horseradish, pickles, turmeric, relish, chilis, salsa, thyme, cilantro, […]

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Easy 9 egg quiche

EGGS, EGGS, EGGS, we all love them!! This is a quick weeknight meal that’s easy and tasty. Why is quiche so delightful? Because you can mix up the ingredients based on your food preferences or better yet, use what you have lying around in the fridge (waste not, want not). The recipe below is a good combo to start off with. Ingredients: 9 medium eggs 1/3 cup half and half 1/3 cup romano cheese 1/2 cup mexican mix cheese, pre-shredded 4 slices salsalito turkey chopped (cold cut) 1/2 – small […]

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Multicolored Memories – Easter Eggs!

Colored Easter Eggs!

I’ve been reading on the blogs this month about Easter eggs and dying techniques. Apparently it’s super trendy to dye the eggs with food items such as red cabbage, blueberries, beets, etc. I thought about trying this out, until last week, when I saw the Easter egg dye kits in Rite Aid. They were next to the Cadbury Eggs (yum) and peeps. The cheap stickers, flimsy cardboard egg holders and multicolored memories came flooding back. As a little girl, I remember the day before Palm Sunday, my mother came home […]

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