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Depressed? Get a puzzle.


Well, it finally happened. I got Covid. I’ve been very careful since the holidays in particular. I haven’t been out much at all but Omicron is so contagious. You can get it at the bodega or the supermarket. You can get Covid anywhere, even if you’re taking all measures of precaution, including being fully vaxed and getting your booster. The first two days were pretty bad honestly. I was in bed with a fever, chills, and the sweats. To put it in perspective, I’d wake up in the middle of […]

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Pandemic Pizza Box

When I received my first COVID-19 pizza box it was unsettling. I tried to enjoy my delicious slices but kept thinking about “THE VIRUS.” Now for some reason, I’m oddly obsessed with the boxes. I suppose my interest is due to my profession – I’m a graphic designer with a background in marketing. The concept of using a pizza box as a vehicle to promote health safety and Covid-19 testing throughout NYC – a city obsessed with pizza – is clever to say the least. There are currently two editions […]

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I Left Rockaway


Besides a few visits to see my mother on Long Island and an excursion to Pennsylvania to pick up a birdbath, this past weekend was the first time I left Rockaway since the start of the pandemic. Matt and I went to Coney Island on Friday. I haven’t been in many years. Luna Park was closed and we couldn’t catch part of a Cyclones game but the vibe was fun and animated nonetheless. Nathan’s was open as were a few other restaurants and bars with outdoor dining. We walked from […]

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The Wild Virtual Realm


Since my column last week “Inspiration Online And Art At Home,” I’ve noticed even more creativity (and weirdness) on the web. We’ve adapted so quickly to our new social world and work lives, now held virtually…  it’s pretty amazing. One of the best examples of this is what my friend Ed McKenna is doing. He’s a Breezy guy. I met Ed through my husband. They’ve played in some great bands together over the years. Ed, better known to his students as Mr. Ed, is a special education music teacher.  A […]

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