I’ve Been Dehydrated For The Past 25 Years

I was cramping while surfing. My friend and incredibly skilled surfer, Kaori, pointed out that I’m probably dehydrated. Yup, this makes total sense. I told her I have a hard time “getting it down.” She said, cold water shocks your system, try warm water. I thought that was a little strange. Kaori explained it’s customary in China and most Asian countries to drink warm water in the winter and room temperature water in the summer. I was very curious about this.

“Everytime I’d see my great grandma, at some point, she’d pull me aside and give me a short speech of all the things I need to do – be nice to my sister, study hard, save money, help mom, and always drink nyun seoi (never cold or too hot) and she would gesture how the water would flow smoothly down.” Karoi recalls.

It is believed the warm water practice came about in the aftermath of communist China around 1949. It’s linked to concerns about tap water quality at the time.The government actively promoted the consumption of boiled water with boiler rooms in workplaces and towns providing hot water for health and hygiene. There were early-morning deliveries to households, again to emphasize the importance of boiled water for well-being.*

Additionally, I learned in Chinese medicine, achieving balance is primary. The use of warm water is essential to counterbalance cold and humidity and it supports blood circulation and releases toxins.

I was all in.

Stanley Cup

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Drink 3, 40oz. Stanleys of warm water for ultimate hydration and prosperity.

The next day I put on the tea pot and warmed up some water. I drank six cups! I couldn’t believe it. The following morning – eight cups. I’m up to 10-12 cups of warm water (straight up) a day. I drink them in the early morning through mid-day. It’s become a fun (slightly addictive) challenge.

Timing is everything in the world of water drinking. You’ll need to go to the bathroom and you don’t want the water drinking ritual to wake you up at night or make you stop the car to pee behind a tree. The need to “go” will hit you fast. Be mindful when you’re out and about without bathroom access. I can assure you though, you’ll get the hang of the schedule and the benefits largely outweigh bathroom planning.

The effects of drinking adequate water daily has been unbelievable. Physically I feel much healthier and I have more energy. My skin looks radiant!  And seriously, the appearance of wrinkles, particularly by my eyes, seemed to have disappeared. And I’d always complain about dry, itchy skin in the winter. It’s 100% gone.

I realized I’ve been dehydrated for the past 25 years.

I’ve been telling all of my friends about my warm water epiphany. My friend Kristeli, knowing how into it  I am, bought me the 40 oz. insulated Stanley tumbler!  A Stanley, if you haven’t heard of the trend yet, is an insulated water cup that duels as  the ultimate suburban accessory. It’s the vessel of choice that blew up on social media thanks to millennials, Gen Z women and moms at soccer games. You’re supposed to collect them in every color and match them with our outfit. Stanley, is a 111 year old camping gear company that has entered a new realm, thanks to some rebranding and thirsty dehydrated people.

Are you going to give warm water drinking a go?

*Source: latimes.com