B91 Garden Art Show A Victory!

The success of the Beach 91st Street Community Gardens’ art show last Saturday, featuring works by Clare Hilger, was beyond my expectations! So many neighbors and friends came to support us, to view and purchase artwork and enjoy the garden space. We had people in and out all day! I met a few neighbors that I never knew before and some mentioned how they’ve always walked by and wanted to come in. That makes me truly happy because community gardens should have a community impact and I feel we accomplished that.

I wanted to thank a few individuals in particular –  Kristi Dickerson and Clare Hilger, who spearheaded the event, the volunteers who set up, cleaned up and helped with other tasks – thank you Jeremy Jones, Elisa Dorn, Miranda Moleski, Fon Tongsomboon, Jill Lauri, Riva Richmond, Christy Illius and Susan Graham… I fear I am forgetting someone!

Neighbors viewing the artwork Hanging out in the Garden! Artwork by Clare Hilger (Left to right), Paula DiGioia, Clare Hilger, Kristi Dickerson Next generation of Rockaway Beach artist


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