laziness procures brilliance – the year-round koozie


I was recently gifted a Dolly Parton koozie (be jealous Katie Honan). I thought, “I can’t wait to sport this, basking on the beach this summer. What a cool gift!”


Then, a few days ago, I was sitting in my usual evening spot – on the couch, by the space heater with my blanket (yes, we have heat but it’s still cold). I was relaxing, watching some Gilmore Girls and drinking a beer – ok fine, I admit… it was a twisted tea. I generally don’t like drinking cold beverages in the winter, vice versa in the summer but the twisted tea was in the fridge and I was too lazy and cold to go pick up wine.

All of a sudden I had a EUREKA (!!!) moment. I spotted my koozie on the table and thought “OMG, I can use my Dolly koozie as a beer glove – to protect my hand from the frosty bev. Low and behold the koozie “glove” worked, it shielded my hand from the cold and dampness of the bottle. I invented the year-round koozie glove… brilliant.

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