Fivey’s Shelf

Now that we’re moved into the basement I’ve been looking for ways to improve the space. I thought new moldings for the windows would be an improvement. I told Will and Matt I would like the windows to resemble an old Italian summer kitchen combined with a mystical hobbit house aesthetic.

I made clear, the most important element was the window ledge. It needed to be big enough so Fivey can hang out and watch the squirrels.

This was my initial concept drawing.

The plan

And here’s the final product! I was thrilled with the outcome, it’s spot on.

Fivey enjoying the view

window ledge

It was difficult to get a good photo of the window with the light coming in. I’m trying to show the detail here, it’s beautifully crafted.


This is the second ledge built, we kept the existing molding because this window will be replaced at some point. Fiver enjoys sitting here too, especially in the evenings.