wild grape vine, exciting bee fights

I saw a grapevine growing up a telephone wire above the ghost yard, and no one believed me. “Look closely– you can see ten or fifteen bunches of grapes!” Eventually, I convinced all the “hataz”. Take a look.


They actually look really good. Paula hopes they will continue to grow up the wires and land themselves onto the RD so she can have a perpetual supply of grapes and grape leaves.  This picture shows that potential path. The grapes are currently on the diagonal wire closest to the building. The wire comes right up to us, which is basically where I was standing when I took this photo.


In other news, I am continuing to see all kinds of weird bees on our agastache. Purple ones, longer thinner ones that still look like bumble bees, semi-translucent-looking ones. They actually fight over the plant. Here’s a picture of a honey bee.