Newly Fed: The Introduction

Years ago I had this thought that I should develop a show called Newly Fed, the premise would be my journey with food and how I really got into eating when I met Bill and cooking when I married Bill. One story that comes to mind was when I first started dating Bill and he asked me why I didn’t like seafood. The answer was that I didn’t really eat it growing up, to which Bill replied “Well, don’t you think you should try it again?”. Bill took me to Blue Water Grill for my ‘first’ seafood experience and it was amazing. (good idea to take me to one of NYC’s best seafood restaurants to convince me!)

Since Food Network and Cooking Channel haven’t made offers on the Newly Fed concept, we decided to give it a go here on The Glorified Tomato. I hope you guys enjoy the episodes and the recipes, its been fun to make them. The best part of researching these recipes is the time I get gathering my friends and family around the table. I hope you enjoy!

Take a peek  at the intro episode below, and tune in Tuesdays for a new Newly Fed episode.

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