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A Wino’s Journal

Wine in Cerbere

I just returned from the South of France with the Gehrhardt crew. We stayed in a little town named Cerbère. The town of Cerbère didn’t have much to it but the neighboring towns of Banyuls and Colliouere were quaint and what you would expect for a town in South France. Besides the quaintness of these towns, they also boast another great feature, both towns produced wine. Ahh music to my wino ears. From my brief wine education, I knew that I liked French wines. Not that I drink French wines […]

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How sweet it is… Voodoo Doughnut

The Bacon Maple Bar

[rating: 3] Voodoo Doughnut (Portland, OR) – I had to try it. I’m not big on sugar treats but I had to have a bite from the famous Voodoo Doughnut shop. The line was long, about a 25 minute wait (it was a weekday). Once I stepped inside, I was pleasantly entertained by the menu item names – The Old Dirty, Cock and Balls, Portland Cream, Grape Ape… just to name a few. The decor was as vibrant and playful as their doughnut decorations and naming conventions. I decided to […]

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