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Summer Is Here

clean up the beach 1

I feel overwhelmed by the masses coming to Rockaway the past few weeks. Last summer it was calm in comparison, due to the pandemic. The garbage, the parking situation, and the dunes problem have been upsetting. Before I scare you off though, I’d like to say,  I’m not using this forum to complain. This is not Facebook!  I’ve been thinking about it and I want to share some of the positives I came across relating to these local issues. The Garbage: A few Mondays ago I went down to the beach […]

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Rockaway To Rincón

Cabo Rojo Lighthouse area

So many Rockawayites have connections to Puerto Rico. “Am I the only person on the whole peninsula that hasn’t been?” I thought. I don’t suffer FOMO well, so back when things were pretty calm with Covid-19, we booked a trip, and I ended up spending my first Thanksgiving in a bathing suit drinking a pina colada, which, incidentally, is the national drink of PR. With the current Covid uptick, I did have second thoughts about the trip, but sitting on the beach in the open air seems much safer than […]

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Beach Hacks


I’ve been spending a lot of time on the beach. Where else would I be this time of year? And I’m sharing the sand with some of Rockaways’ pro beach-goers. These local folks set up at 10am and break down after sunset. The vibe by me in the 90’s isn’t showy beach swag, it’s the opposite. Use what you have, recycle, live frugally….  the Rockaway hippie mentality. I learned some useful beach hacks from the crew this weekend and I want to pass along these pro-tips: The jar cup. My […]

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yesterday at the beach


Yesterday I was fulfilling my roll as The Desperate Housewife of Rockaway Beach. I was doing laundry, cleaning and I needed to go food shopping. I stepped outside to check on Baby Biff Ball and Obama when I realized how beautiful it was outside! I dropped everything and made a bee-line for the beach. Here are photos from my day. Shoes on beach don’t happen to often. This seems like the work of Whit or Keone? I brought back a treat for the cats! They liked playing with it (Cookie and Lefty […]

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