yesterday at the beach


Yesterday I was fulfilling my roll as The Desperate Housewife of Rockaway Beach. I was doing laundry, cleaning and I needed to go food shopping. I stepped outside to check on Baby Biff Ball and Obama when I realized how beautiful it was outside! I dropped everything and made a bee-line for the beach. Here are photos from my day.


Shoes on beach don’t happen to often.


This seems like the work of Whit or Keone?



I brought back a treat for the cats! They liked playing with it (Cookie and Lefty especially) but no one wanted to eat it.


Seaweed thing.


I thought this guy may still be alive so I threw him back it the Atlantic.

I’m blessed to live so close to the ocean, I need to make a point to get out a few times a week and enjoy the winter beach season.

Nature Walk Feature – location, Rockaway, Queens. I’ll post everything from a beach critter I find on the sand to the tomatoes growing in my backyard. “The beauty of the natural world lies in the details.” — Natalie Angier

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