plants growing in strange places

In the mornings, I like to stroll around the front and backyard looking at the garden. Well, it’s more like over-grown weeds with random flowers intermixed. I’ve been busy with house projects so the garden has been left to run wild.  Matt makes fun of me saying, “You look insane watering those weeds!”


The other morning while sipping my coffee I spotted this agastache plant growning out of a crack in the house. My friend John gave us some agastache a while back. When we moved from Ridgewood, we dismantled the roof deck and the agastache came with, in a large planter. This spring it seemed like the plant didn’t make it through the harsh winter, but some remnant must have survived. I suppose a seed from the previous year had been carried by the wind or a bird!


Here’s another oddity.


We’re thinking this is some kind of squash or cucumber or maybe watermelon but how it started to grow from under the bungalow is a mystery! The most likely scenario we came up with is a raccoon or possum took scraps out of the garbage, dragging it under the bungalow and leaving some of his meal behind.

This is what the flower looks like, do you know what plant this is? We’ll update on this if it starts to fruit!


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