wreath-making for the holidays

The Tomato Gals love seasonal decoration. The holidays are here – it’s time to adorn the home! Before you run out to Michaels Craft, take a look in your backyard or outside the apartment. You’ll be surprised what you can create with the materials around you.

I was upstate recently at John’s cabin and came across this neat book.

wreath making

Using steeplebush branches I started to created a fall wreath.


The city is not the Catskills, but you’ll find what you need. Last resort… take a walk to your local NYC Park.

wreath making - catskills

If you’re interested in giving wreath-making a try, here’s what you’ll need:

1. Long bendable branches about 1/8 inch thick. Test them out. If the branches snap, they won’t be good for use on the wreath.
2. Dried flowers, pine cones, any natural item to adorn the wreath
3. Brown crafting wire


1. Bend and manipulate branches into a circle. Use wire to secure. Continue to add branches until you’re happy with the girth.

2. Add embellishments to you branch base. Secure with wire. Try to conceal the wire as much as possible. Get creative with it!

If you want to take it a step further, use sparkled pine cones and other adornments – great for Christmas! The Wreath Book pictured above, is great for inspiration, you can get a copy on Ebay for 5 bucks.