crack an egg on your head


I was reading a Gothamist post about frying eggs in the sun at Death Valley National Park when I got a flash back of playing “Crack an egg on your head”.

I couldn’t remember much else except it made you get the chills and in grammar school we played it over and over at  lunch, when it rained and we had to sit in the gym waiting for our turn to play dodgeball. I googled and found all of the lyrics for this children’s game. Of particular interest is the “Stick a knife in your back, Let the blood drip down, let the blood drip down” line.

Gosh, I wonder if school kids still  use that line or if  teachers put the kibosh on that?  Thinking back, there’s something really nice about having experienced a less controlled, PC childhood.

So here it is, give it a try. If you figure out how to turn this into a drinking game, let us know!

Crack an egg on your head. Let the yolk drip down, let the yolk drip down. (make a motion of cracking something on the other person’s head and letting something run down the body).

Stab a knife in your back back, (poke the person’s back)
Let the blood drip down, let the blood drip down (run your fingers up & down the person’s back).

Spiders running up your arms. Spiders going down your arms (tickle up and down the arms).

Criss Cross, apple sauce (do a criss cross along their back). Now you’ve got the chills.

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