Portland ❤’s Brunch

[rating: 4]

Portland Oregon is a beautiful city. Everywhere you turn you’ll see wild flowers and roses – even on the side of highways. The city is home to numerous parks and gardens – I spent some time at the Rose Garden and the Portland Japanese Garden (both stunning). My first impression of Portland was a good one.

After working up an appetite at the parks, I went to Pine State Biscuits on a friend’s suggestion. “Brunch is BIG in Portland – you should try Pine State Biscuits.” And so it was… I arrive and I’m really hungry. I examine the menu – with so many options, it was hard to choose. The biscuits and gravy are their speciality but I was craving red meat for some reason, so I ordered the Steak Club – seared flank steak, blue cheese, heirloom tomato and butter lettuce piled high on a hot biscuit… O and a Mimosa! Orders are placed at the counter. I waited for my name to be called, grabbed flatware and took my sandwich to the table. They have outdoor and indoor seating – I sat outside where the air was cool and fresh. Note: Patrons must  bus their own table. I was fine with that. Its a “no frills” kinda place.

My sandwich looked huge – I was excited. After a few bites I determine it’s satisfying. The biscuit itself was delicious. The meat was full-flavored but a little dry/over-cooked. Overall I enjoyed the meal, but I thought maybe I should’ve had the biscuits with gravy and an egg over easy (The Moneyball). A friend dining with me ordered that, I had a bite and it was scrumptious. Tons of dripping gravy mixed with egg yoke and a steamy biscuit for dipping – The Moneyball  had the WOW factor my steak sandwich lacked.  The  beverage…  the mimosa was served in an 8oz glass – great size. It was refreshing and enjoyable. I thought adding a lemon instead of an orange was a nice touch. My only complaint would be the ratio – to much orange juice. I prefer a splash of OJ and the rest champagne.

I recommend having brunch at  Pine State Biscuits. With a large menu, reasonable prices, outdoor seating and most importantly, good food – it’s a great place to indulge . 4  Tomatoes it is!