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Signs, Signs, Everywhere are signs – Rockaway Edition

The Science of Hair

Like many neighborhoods in Queens, Rockaway has its share of relic signage. I’ve documented before in Ridgewood; I continue now in Rockaway. These beauties are on Rockaway Beach Blvd. around 90th. Hubert’s Golden Styles Salon. I always think while passing by, if you add another “o” to “Salon” somehow, this would be the coolest bar name ever. I know this building was sold not too long ago. I pray that this sign doesn’t disappear. I’m keeping an eye on it. I would buy this sign, I mean… “The science of hair” coupled […]

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Signs, Signs Everywhere are Signs – Part 2

Vintage Hair Salon Sign

There are too many vintage signs in Ridgewood to go undocumented and our last vintage sign post seemed to be a hit, so here’s part II of “Signs, Signs Everywhere are Signs”. We’ve come full circle with this one, eh? Find this hip sign on Seneca and Grove. Here’s the sign in context. Eddies News Stand can be found on Forest Ave. Located on Green at Cypress Ave is the Halal Meat Market. Also, their window displays are not to be missed! This one is on Myrtle Ave near Seneca. American […]

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Signs, Signs everywhere Are Signs. In Ridgewood, Too.

Vintage Ridgewood Signage

Like many designers, I really love typography. And I especially love old typography and signage. These signs are from another time, a different Ridgewood. Joe’s, 66-53 Forest Ave My husband took me on our first date over 11 years ago at the original Joe’s. The inside was decorated with fake flowers and garlic hanging from the ceiling. The table cheese sat in sawed-off plastic Coke bottles and notably, saint statues and gnomes were scattered about. It was a very special first date to say the least! 68-55 Fresh Pond Rd This store […]