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A very Special Beverage

Manhattan Special

“All the Italians in the old neighborhood drank them,” my friend Keith said. He remembers his father sitting on the stoop at their home in East New York, 30 years ago. Mr. Vittore would crack open an ice-cold Manhattan Special, gulping the caffeine boost down, during those sultry, dog-days of summer. The Manhattan Special is the world’s most delicious pure espresso coffee soda, says the company’s website… and me… and every Italian man in New York over the age of 65. The icon design has not altered much in the […]

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Witchy Winter Wellness Potion


Winter is the time for experimentation in the kitchen. It’s cold, very cold, especially here in Rockaway and we’re spending more time in the house. My friend Jacquie has been using her hibernation time perfecting a wellness tonic. For Christmas, she gifted me a bottle of this fire cider. Homemade gifts are especially thoughtful and that’s exactly what Jauquie had in mind. When I thanked her for the gift she said,  “I wanted to make my gifts for xmas this year. For me, health and wellness are always top of […]

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Homemade Coquito For The Holidays

Elizabeth Medina whipping up two batches

You’ve seen Anthony Medina’s byline in the paper. He’s one of The Wave’s beat reporters. But he’s also an expert Coquito-maker, and this is the second year his family has been selling their version of the holiday beverage. In Spanish, Coquito means little coconut. It’s a traditional Christmas and New Year’s drink that originated in Puerto Rico. It’s made with Puerto Rican rum, coconut milk, cream of coconut, and sweetened condensed milk. Other spices and flavoring can be added like ginger, anise, nutmeg, cinnamon, or egg yolk. A few weeks […]

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Grown Up Ice Pops

mojito ice pops 1

It’s been so hot and humid. The other day I wanted an ice pop so bad but I knew I didn’t have any. Instead, I pathetically stuck my head in the freezer for a minute to cool down. I remember as kids, my sisters and I would make icy pops at the kitchen table. It gave us something to do and we would anticipate enjoying the cooling treat after the long summer day  playing outside. My mother gave us those small bathroom cups to make our ices with and she […]

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For the Newlyweds, Who Love Wine – Bridal Shower Gift

Detail of Wine Poem Basket

It’s wedding season and I’m a bridesmaid! My childhood friend Jackie is getting married to her fiancé Rich this June. I accepted the invitation to be in her bridal party happily and I’m truly honored to have a special role in my friend’s wedding celebration. The bridal shower was this past weekend and I was delegated the task of creating the wine poem basket. For those unfamiliar, this gift basket is filled with a variety of wines for the newlyweds to share – one each for a special occasion that […]

Opa! My Sista’s Greek Bread Salad

greek food

This salad is the bomb! My sister Maria made her Greek Bread Salad a few months ago to bring to my cousins summer party. I’ve been hounding her for the recipe ever since. A Greek salad with Italian ciabatta, dare I say more (drool).  I ♥ Greek food, this is a must try. Here’s the recipe: Greek Bread Salad Ingredients: 1 loaf ciabatta bread, cut into ½-inch thick slices 1 cup of olive oil, plus more for brushing on bread salt and pepper ¼ cup fresh lemon juice 2 cucumbers, quartered […]

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