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laziness procures brilliance – the year-round koozie


I was recently gifted a Dolly Parton koozie (be jealous Katie Honan). I thought, “I can’t wait to sport this, basking on the beach this summer. What a cool gift!” Then, a few days ago, I was sitting in my usual evening spot – on the couch, by the space heater with my blanket (yes, we have heat but it’s still cold). I was relaxing, watching some Gilmore Girls and drinking a beer – ok fine, I admit… it was a twisted tea. I generally don’t like drinking cold beverages in the […]

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Too many knit caps in  Ridgewood.

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Home Brew Class at Bitters & Esters

Bitter & Esters

If you’re into beer and want to take a home brewing class, Bitters & Esters has a fantastic introduction class. Susanne and I went a month or so ago and we loved it. The class size is about 15 people, and each person gets to partake in the brewing process and all students pour and cap their own beer. There’s a lot of material to absorb but have no fear, you get a take-home booklet filled with all you need to know, including recipes.  Bitter & Esters co-owner John La Polla […]

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3 ways to make fishing less boring

Fishing Lake George

Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy getting out on the lake and fishing, but in early September when the bass aren’t biting and it’s too early for trout, things can get a bit dull, as I found out when Matt and I went to Lake George last week – my favorite Adirondack retreat. Matt fished morning, noon and night, but I’m impatient and I wasn’t having much luck. I came up with some “keeping busy” strategies. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you’ll want to remember these three tips. Note: always […]

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I hate these things

Harmful Plastic

With Matt and his various bands practicing at the studio, it’s not uncommon for me to make a run to the bodega during band practice for more beers. As much as I like (ok love) drinking beer, I can’t stand the plastic rings that hold a sixer together. This plastic (and other plastics) are detrimental to sea turtles, who can get their limbs or other parts caught in the rings and suffer damage. It’s so important that we take the time to snip up plastic rings! When Matt and I visited the […]

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