Embrace Your Inner Squirrel – Work For It.

I’d like to revisit the topic of shelled nuts discussed in my column last week. Many of my Italian friends responded, mentioning their own childhood recollections surrounding nuts, family, and gambling. I’m delighted to hear that my words evoked memories of personal stories for others! My friend Ryan remembers being the official “nutcracker” kid. He said mostly the older folks ate the nuts. He did have a few here and there until one time at a party, he accidentally ingested a shell and almost choked to death. My girl Jodi shared, “We have a similar upbringing. My family always played gin rummy after dinner and the kids played their own games but we would have to go through a “paddy wagon” if we lost! Everyone in a line extended their stance and the loser had to crawl through as fast as they could because your butt would get slapped along the way!”

paula and a nut
Our modern society has become so lazy that we don’t even want to crack nuts anymore. What’s that about? It’s a nutty world out there.

What I want to discuss this week is the practical benefits of nuts with shells compared to those without. Here are the advantages of buying shelled nuts:

  • There’s a price difference between the two. Shelled is about $1.50 cheaper. Find shelled nuts below the eye line by the fruits in the supermarket. Remember, most expensive products are more visible in stores, so hunt around for the shelled nuts, the effort is worth it. Don’t break the bank, break the nuts.
  • Shelled nuts are a helpful tool for people trying to quit smoking. The nut cracking activity keeps hands busy and the mind distracted with tasty pleasure.
  • Opening nutshells transforms snacking into a mindful experience, granting you the opportunity to savor the rich flavor, nut by nut. Slowing down allows you to engage your senses, tasting each nut and feeling the textures of this food’s special vessel.
  • If you have social anxiety and you’re sober, nut cracking gives you something to do at a party to alleviate the awkwardness that fills your body and mind.
  • Many of us can relate to this scenario: You start innocently snacking on nuts while watching Gilmore Girls or hanging out with friends. It’s a healthy snack right? Five minutes later you’ve consumed the whole container. Nuts are an excellent source of protein but high in calories. Prevent snacktime danger zone binging simply – buy shelled nuts. This is foolproof portion control.
  • Shells act as a protective layer, helping to preserve freshness and prevent nuts from getting stale. Therefore, shelled nuts maintain their quality for a longer time compared to deshelled ones.

nutshell texture
Take notice of the wonderful textures of nutshells.

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