Summer Garden Update #1

Okay, okay. Technically, it’s not summer yet. But the roof deck is starting to shape up nicely. The first big surprise was one of our rose bushes, which is becoming more like a rose tree this year.


This is pretty cool too– it looks like there is going to be 20 or 30 flowers from the wildflower growing in our  cinder blocks. (I forget exactly what I planted.) It blows my mind that this is growing from probably only 2 or 3 cups of soil!


We have thyme growing everywhere, including in the abandoned yard behind us, where I throw seeds and cuttings all the time. It’s kind of like a weed, but it’s terrific to cook with and it looks really nice when it’s flowering as it is now. We also have lemon thyme growing as well, along with rosemary, curry, sage, dill, basil and oregano.


Also, we grew tomatoes from seed and we’re really surprised by how many of them sprouted and how well they seem to be doing. In the future, we’re going to start them a little earlier in cups inside. So much cheaper than buying plants, and a lot more saisfying. We have about 20 tomato plants this year. Should be a pretty tomato-y late summer  and fall.


We’ll be posting periodic updates on the garden’s progress. Happy (pre-)summer!