Tomatoes Galore… Rockaway NY

From bits of discarded tomatoes, (salad, caprese perhaps?) Maureen Walsh has managed to grow by far the largest tomato plant I’ve ever seen – its emerging from her compost pile! It wasn’t intentional by any means, but what a wonderful surprise indeed! Mrs. Walsh noticed something growing in her heap during the early summer months. She identified the variety as “big boys”.  I’m a little jealous, I must admit! Here’s the evidence!

And below is another wonder… a cherry tomato plant growing out of a crack in the cement! When asked, Maureen said she’ll water when needed but that’s about it. Gosh, it must be the sandy Rockway soil… or salty air? Or… maybe Maureen isn’t telling us her gardening secret!

As for my garden, below are new developments. Not as plentiful as Maureen’s fruit, but you have to start somewhere… or start a compost pile?