Goodbye To You, Timothy Miles

Beloved community member, Timothy Miles is leaving Rockaway for a new chapter in his life. Timothy is a Rockaway celebrity,  known as “The Selfie King.” He’s on the A-List with the likes of Rockaway Rod, The Ginger Ladd, Gio Fernandez-Kincade, and The Best Dressed Man in Rockaway. Timothy is a selfie photographer. He has documented the culture of Rockaway since 2015 through his flipped lens – everywhere from the beach to the boulevard and in the bars.

Rockaway Beach Surf Club
One of the many group shots taken of Tim’s friends. There were about 100 people at The Selfie King’s going away party at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club

On Thursday, Sept. 22nd, (also Tim’s 33rd birthday), a going away party was held in his honor at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club. Over 100 friends and neighbors (plus a random wedding party) celebrated Tim and shared in one last selfie-ladened hurrah!

At the event, many shared fond memories of Tim and their first selfie encounter with the artist. Friends signed a farewell poster expressing their appreciation for Tim’s contribution to the community. “Thank you for all the memories you’ve captured,” writes Josh A.; “Tim, you will always have Rockaway and we will always have you – Teresa Farrell;  “You are so great at bringing people together – Sarah M.; Another message reads, “Love you, Timmy! I will always remember your first autumn swim with me and Danny. We will miss you.” – Jodi and Danny Mulvanerty; And more kind words from Robin and Peter, “Timmy! Everyone loves you so much! We’ll always miss your ability to get everyone together for a good time!”

Tim is famously known for his greeting _Hello to you!_ Jodi Jordan Mulvanerty created this fun play on words sign for his send off.

Timmy’s farewell address was one of thanks and inclusiveness. “I want to take the time to thank you, including the guests that are part of the wedding and the people that came to celebrate me from the city. We’ve had bad days and ugly days but we must put positive spins on those days. After I leave Rockaway, get ready for a post-Timothy era. Make sure all of you stay together without me, all of the different combinations of people, to make a Rockaway super group!”

Over cocktails guests talked about Tim’s documentary photography collection. “There must be thousands of selfie photos, where are they all stored?” pondered Bobby Carnevale, also a photographer. Another friend, Rob Bryn, had a great thought, “Someone needs to collaborate with Tim to create a book of his photography work.” I love this idea. Timothy Miles’ images have captured an era of Rockaway through his distinct perspective, in a style that speaks to our digitally linked culture. Tim’s work is special and should be shared with the world.

Photography is one of Tim’s talents. He is also passionate about religious studies and science. In 2019, Timothy Miles earned a Bachelor of Science from Brooklyn College. Like many artists, Tim is a private and mysterious individual. He will not disclose where he’ll be moving but said we can follow him on Instagram (@hypertime89) to keep in touch and to witness his new adventure, documenting his encounters.


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