Propagating the Pothos Plant

I’ve been outside in the garden so much I feel like my indoor plants, of which I have many, have suffered. This past week I gave them all a tune-up, adding compost to the soil and cutting back dead and straggly leaves.

It’s always hard cutting back the long trailing vines of the pothos plant but mine were leggy, thin on top, and unhealthy looking. Pruning the vines encourages new growth and my cuttings would not go to waste. I propagate from them and create new plants!  I’ve been doing this for almost a decade so I’ve learned the best practices which I will share with you.

But first some background on Epipremnum Aureum. There are several hybrids but only two cultivars: golden pothos and marble queen. The houseplant is resilient and easy to care for. It grows in very low light but will thrive in indirect light. Avoid direct sun. The general rule on watering is every 1-2 weeks. It’s best to let the soil dry out before watering again. If you wait until the leaves are wilted, no problem, they’ll pop back up after a drink. The plant can tolerate a temperature range as low as 55 and as high as  90℉. Pothos is tropical and loves humidity – perfect in the bathroom or you can mist once a week.

The attractive trailers of the pothos plant are ideal for hanging baskets or a top a shelf where the long vines can cascade down. When you notice the vines getting straggly, it’s time to snip and propagate!

Step 2. The correct way to clip the vine for propagation

How to:
1. Cut the strand at the top of the plant close to the base but leaving a leaf node. The leaf node area is ¼ inches before the leaf. You should see a bump or root under or near the leaf. This is the node.

2. Starting from one end, cut ¼ inch out, from the leaf node on either side. Continue until all healthy leaves are cut down from the vine. Each one of these cuttings will root and become a mini plant.

Step 5. This is ready to be planted!

3. Fill a clear glass with water to the top. Bundle all the cutting in your hand and place them in the cup. Many cuttings will help them stay firm at the top. Make sure the end node’s are touching the water.

4. Place the glass in an area without a draft and somewhat warm. On top of a radiator cover or the refrigerator are good locations.

5. Plants receive oxygen from water so its important that you change the water in the glass every 3 or 4 days. In one week you’ll see new white roots forming. Wait until they’re an inch long before potting.

6. When transferring the mini plants keep them tightly packed for a full appearance. Keep the pot moist the first 2 weeks until the plant establishes.

The new pothos plant

The Beach 91st St. Community Garden is hosting a plant sale on Oct. 14 from 12-4pm. I’m addicted to propagating plants but have know place to keep them all so many of my plants will be for sale at the event! 60% of the proceeds will be donated to the Beach 91st St. Community Garden. I hope to see you there!

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