upcycle containers

I had two ideas – not original because people do this all the time but nonetheless I wanted to share them on the blog. The first is using a kombucha bottle (which I love the shape of) to store salt. I cook a lot as you know. Having the salt right by the stove is convenient. Putting it in a nice bottle means I can leave it out and it will look nice. Eventually I will do this with all my spices! Make sure to put a few grains of rice in the salt jar to prevent clumping. To remove the label soak in very hot water for about an hour, changing the water several times once it cools. I used a sponge and regular dish soap to remove the glue.

upcycle-spices-1 upcycle-spices

The second upcycle idea is using a red vinegar bottle to replace the mouthwash bottle I usually have on my bathroom vanity. You can use any bottle you like. This is a space saver and of course looks adorable and could look christmas-y if you get the green Listerine!

upcyle-mouthwash-2 upcycle-mouthwash-1

Have you created similar upcycles like this?  If so please let me know, I would like to include on this post.

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