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Kitchen Hacks: Part 2


I heard positive feedback about my Kitchen Hacks column from a few weeks ago. Using sunglasses to prevent one’s eyes from tearing up while chopping onions and lining a bowl with a compost bag for easy kitchen clean-up were helpful hacks I’m told! So, here’s Part 2 as promised. — Make your own “house blend” spice. Most of the time I use the same four spices in my meals and green salads – salt, pepper, garlic powder and oregano. Instead of pulling out all of your go-to’s very time you’re […]

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NewlyFED Episode 1: A few of their favorite things


In this episode of newlyFED, we travel down to sunny Rockaway to talk to a few of my favorite people, my main cooking inspirations, Maureen and Franny (my mothers) and to my grandmother’s. Grandma wasn’t so much into the introduction of her favorite kitchen gear, but we were able to squeeze one out of her. Hope you like the episode! Take a look here: Newlyfed – Episode 1 – Kitchen Essentials from Glorified Tomato on Vimeo.

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Small Kitchen, Big Dreams

small fridge

Billy and I have lived in our apartment for four years now, a bit hard to believe. I remember my brothers Chris advice on apartment hunting, don’t be cheap – get the apartment you really like. I did that and I have loved starting my life here with Billy. We have a large 1 bedroom, huge bedroom, lots of closets, huge living room, a dining area and a really small kitchen. I figured at the time, it hit so many must haves, that I could over look the small kitchen. […]

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