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Lake George and the adirondacks


We just returned from a much needed nature vacation in the Lake George area. To get a taste of how wonderful the Adirondacks are, check out two of our GL posts from last summer: Vintage Food Signage, Fishing and the below Tomato Vine highlights! Our cabin on the North East part of the lake near Ticonderoga. Putnam Pond Corn Eating Mother Gaia DJ DJ Barbecue

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3 ways to make fishing less boring

Fishing Lake George

Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy getting out on the lake and fishing, but in early September when the bass aren’t biting and it’s too early for trout, things can get a bit dull, as I found out when Matt and I went to Lake George last week – my favorite Adirondack retreat. Matt fished morning, noon and night, but I’m impatient and I wasn’t having much luck. I came up with some “keeping busy” strategies. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you’ll want to remember these three tips. Note: always […]

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