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Rao’s, Grandpa Pete’s and how to hack your way to a great ziti

Susanne eating ziti

I am not a great cook. There, my dark little secret is out in the open. So what does a not so great cook due when tasked with attending a potluck super bowl party? Well, cheat of course. I’ve been meaning become an expert chef for a while now, but that annoying little thing called work keeps rearing its ugly head. As the party was approaching my anxiety began to grow as my time to master the art of baked ziti was dwindling. In desperation, my mind turned to Grandpa […]

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The Comfort of Food


We have all seen the movies when a character dies and people come to pay their respects with plates of food. This week, I am reminded of how that fit into my life 25 years ago when my father died. I had spoken to him early in the morning, like always. By afternoon he was gone. When I heard the news, first I cried. Then I set out to work.  I was home with my two little girls, too young to understand why mommy rushed to the store with them […]