Bagel Bird Feeder

Walking home from Valentino’s this past Sunday I spotted this!
found bagel in tree - Ridgewood Queens
A bagel just sitting in a tree, I thought “how bizzare, must be some kids goofing around.” I continued walking home and then WABAM!! – I had a great idea. I should make a bagel bird feeder! Even though the weather has been cold and snowy, I’ve noticed the birds have started their migration. This is a beautiful time of year to bird watch, you’ll see uncommon species on their travels and I’m guessing they’ll be hungry. Below are my directions for the bagel bird feeder. This is a fun craft for kids and adults alike!

bagel bird feeder

What you’ll need:
1 plain bagel
Rope or twine
Peanut butter**
Bird seed
knife, scissors and plate

Cut the bagel in half
Place about 1 cup of bird seed on the plate
Tie rope through the hole and around the bagel leaving some length for hanging
Cover the bagel half completely with the peanut butter
Place bagel on the dish and cover/press on the bird seed. Continue until both sides of the bagel half is covered.
For 2 bagel bird feeders, repeat process with second bagel half.

* My goodness, I forgot how good peanut better is.
** Fiver really enjoyed this craft, i.e. he wanted to eat the peanut butter, bagel and of course play with the twine. It’s probably best to keep your kitty in another room while crafting this feeder!

bagel bird feeder

bagel-bird-feeder-diy-2 bagel bird feeder

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