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Dinner Parties and Chicken Cutlets

the perfect fry

Three days of prep for three hours of perfezione. I learned how to throw a party by watching and helping my mother. We go to extremes. We indulge… we’re Italian. Too much food is all part of it. You need abundance so people feel comfortable around the table. You can’t have “Look at me, look at you.” This phrase I’ve lived with my whole life. Grandpa Ralph coined it. Here’s the best way I can explain… There are a few morsels left on the table. No one wants to be […]

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Urban Farm in Rockaway

I would bet good money that my friend John (who’s working on our house) knows more of my neighbors than I do. He introduced me to Sam and Elsa, awesome people who have what you could call a mini-farm on Beach 92nd street. Last week, John informs me that we are taking care of their chickens for 10 days while they are away. My immediate response was “Are you kidding me?!??! I know nothing about chickens except that they taste great as parmesan!”  I go into panic mode. “What if we […]

Indian Cuisine: Chicken Tikka Masala

Tikka Masala

My first experience with Indian food was when I worked at Bear Stearns for a Brit. It was never called Indian food, it was “curry”. We used to order curry sometimes when we were hungover or whenever anyone had a hankering for it, which was often. Earlier this year,  I had the privilege of  spending a lot of time in London where I visited Brick Lane, which boast the best Indian cuisine in London. I have grown to love Indian food over the years and especially since I’ve started cooking […]

Easy Roast Chicken


My idol is Ina Garten and one of her favorite meals to make for her husband Jeffrey is roast chicken. I decided to try it out and modified it a bit to my own tastes. Ina uses fennel and I absolutely hate fennel, its really the only food I wont eat. Ingredients 1lb red potatoes halved 1lb carrots (2in pieces) 1 large onion chopped 5lb Roasting Chicken 3/4 oz Rosemary (about 8 sprigs) 2 tbsps butter (at room temperature) 1 head of garlic halved 1 lemon halved Directions Preheat the […]

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Best bird in town – find it at Estrella Del Mar


Estrella Del Mar serves the best rotisserie chicken in town — the outer skin is simply spiced, crisp, and salty. The meat is slow cooked to tender n’ juicy perfection! And don’t forget to squeeze the lemon wedges on the meat. Seriously this may be the best part – it takes the bird to new heights! Oh and dinner for 2 for 8 bucks – you just can’t go wrong. You can add rice and beans, a small salad or tostones for a few more. This could be the best dinner deal in Ridgewood… we […]